Stories of Grace

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Equal Pay for Unequal Work

Perhaps nothing challenges our sense of fairness more than Jesus’ parable of the workers who were all paid the same, no matter whether they worked all day or only one hour. What is Jesus trying to teach us? Going deep with this parable we may be surprised to see it is not a parable about wages after all.



The Pearl

Jesus tells the parable of a man who found treasure in a field, sold all he had, and bought the field so he could have the treasure. And he tells of another one who sold everything to buy the pearl he had had been searching for all his life. The lesson of this parable is obvious . . . Or is it?



Follow Your Heart, Even When It’s Broken

Ruth and Naomi suffered a great tragedy and lived during difficult days. Though her heart had been broken and God appeared to have left her with nothing she kept on the journey, leaving behind earthly comforts in hopes of something greater. Meet the great-grandmother of David, who followed her heart, even when it was broken.



Grace in your Greatest Sin

David and Bathsheba, we know the story all too well. At least the sin part . . . but do we know the salvation part and the son that died for him?



The Son of David

In our sinful condition we are lost, blind, and in need of salvation. Hosanna to the Son of David, who brings to us everything we need.



Forgiven and Unforgiven

In the parable of the unmerciful servant we are outraged by a man who is forgiven millions of dollars but immediately demands $5 from someone who owes him. Who would possibly act this way?


Grace — Easier Said than Done

Peter and Cornelius, two very different men. One a Jew, one a gentile; one an apostle, one a military general; one clean, the other unclean; but both received the Holy Spirit.



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