The F.R.O.G Life

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SEPT 14: F.R.O.G — Money, Management, & You

Luke 14: 28–29
How are we at managing our money? Or is our money managing us? Do we have assets? Or do our assets have us? Do we live to make money or make money to live? Our relationship to money is very intimate and personal. We consider how we can have a healthy relationship with money, one that will last a lifetime.


SEPT 21: F.R.O.G. Your Money

Malachi 3: 8–10
When we are in right relationship with our money, it can make an eternal difference. Jesus said, “Give and it will be given back to you.” Be inspired to Fully Rely on God and watch what he’ll do with our five loaves and two fishes!


SEPT 28: F.R.O.G — Get Your Money Back

Matthew 27: 3–4
Like Judas, many of us try to make God work for us. We have plans and nothing is gonna stop us, not even Jesus. Until the moment we realize we have been selling our soul along the way. Nothing is worth our soul — today is the day to get our money back.

OCT 5: F.R.O.G. Your Friendships

Proverbs 18: 24
The devil has one primary strategy with each human soul — isolate and destroy, divide and conquer. God created us for connection and relationship and the devil knows he can destroy us most easily when we’re isolated, marginalized, and disconnected. In this busy, independent culture, we have to be intentional about forming and nurturing healthy friendships. It is crucial to our overall wellbeing and our spiritual health.

OCT 12: F.R.O.G Your Origin

Psalm 139: 16
Our origin story is fundamental to who we become. But it doesn’t have to be the final story. In fact, if we’re not with God, our origin story is way too small. Understanding our origins is helpful, but especially so when we see it through God’s eyes.

OCT 26: F.R.O.G. Your Relationship

Genesis 2: 22–25
Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, or still looking for Mr/Mrs Right, or married with many years under your belt, there is always opportunities to become a better friend, partner and lover. However, in this sinful world, a healthy intimate relationship takes intentionality, wisdom, and just good old fashioned hard work. God’s designed us for intimacy, so He can also tell us the principles needed for a healthy relationship.

NOV 2: The F.R.O.G. Parent

Deuteronomy 6: 4–7
Parenting in the 2010’s is challenging — imagine what it’s going to be like in the 2020’s! God have mercy on all of us parents. In rapidly changing world where evil is easily and instantly accessible to our children, we need Divine guidance to raise our children!

NOV 9: The F.R.O.G. Journey

Romans 5: 3-5
We don’t have to read many Bible stories or Christian biographies to recognize that the F.R.O.G spiritual journey will likely involve some really unexpected twists and turns. How do we stay the course and keep on the “narrow path,” when this world has a million exit ramps?

NOV 16: The F.R.O.G Bod

1 Corinthians 6: 19–20
With the rise of social media, the peer pressure for a hot bod has probably never been stronger. But what about a F.R.O.G. bod? Does God have something to say about true physical health, beauty, and self care? Let us learn how to have true physical wellbeing and to love the bodies we were given, even if we do look a little like frogs!

NOV 23: F.R.O.G. Testimonies

Psalm 9: 1–2
We will hear from our peers about what amazing things have happened in their lives when they Fully Relied On God. Come share in this special Thanksgiving service to God for His goodness to us.